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Young designer team for Vedansh (Retvika and Vedansh)

Q. What is the minimum order ?

A. The minimum order that we entertain for web based enquiries is - 25 Pieces per design in different colors. Designer or heavy pieces can be ordered in smaller numbers, you can post your enquiry to our sales department at or you can use our web-based business enquiry form.

Q. What is the normal delivery time of a shipment ?

A. The delivery time we require is minimum 4 weeks, depending upon the quantity of the order. To find out more about the delivery as per your requirement, you can contact our sales department using the web based form by clicking here.

Q. What is the percentage of silver used in making the silver jewelry ?

A. We are the world’s leading silver jewelry manufacturer from Jaipur, India. All our jewelry is made of Sterling Silver {92.5%- pure}. We are skilled in perfect alloying of the metal and use international standards and procedures of alloying to obtain guaranteed 92.5% Pure Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Q. How can the order be treated as a confirmed order any advance payment required ?

A. We treat any wholesale order as a confirmed order after we receive 50% of payment of the order in advance.

Q. What is the Shipment mode ?

A. We ship goods using the following modes: fed ex , by air and by post. Port of loading is Jaipur, India. By fed ex and by air it normally takes 5 working days. By post it normally takes 10 working days.

Q. What are the forms provided along with the shipment ?

A. We provide FORM A and INVOICE with the Shipment.

Q. How big is your factory ?

A. We have more than 100craftsmen, 10000 square feet of factory.

Q. Where can the collection can be seen ?

A. At the showroom, H-20, Bhagat Singh Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur 302001, India.

Q. Can I visit your showroom and factory ?

A. Yes, you have to take a prior appointment and mail us to and our manager will be happy to take you around the factory visit.

Q. Do you do travel arrangements ?

A. Yes, our travel desk can arrange your transport from the airport to hotel where you stay, and arrange hotel bookings at the best rates according to your budget, as we get corporate rates from most hotels in Jaipur.

Q. Is it safe to trevel in india for a single woman ?

A. Yes, it is very safe .You can travel on your own with random cars, taxis, which are available on the road and people are very friendly in India, so they would be happy to help you, anywhere you go in Rajasthan.